Hodge Interactive is a the official brand name of John Hodge, a technology professional with over ten years experience in the areas of Database Architecture, Network & Systems Administration, and Windows and Internet Software Development.

Who we are?

A Technology Company.

Hodge Interactive is an entreprenurial technology company based in Southeast Michigan. We specialize in creating effective and easy to use Websites, and web applications for your small and medium sized business.

Founded in early 2008, we are a young and growing company with an extremely diverse client base consisting of medical professionals, tradesman, engineers, professional photographers, and many other small businesses.

What we do?

Empower Business.

At Hodge Interactive, we leverage the power of technology, and reach of the internet to solve business problems. We create websites, build custom applications, and offer a variety of internet based services to small business.

We have the expertise to help you with Website Design, Web Hosting, Social Networking & Branding, Online Backup, Software Development, and other Computer Services.

For a complete list of what we can do for you, visit our Services page.


At Hodge Interactive, we believe that "Technology should empower, not impair."

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