Hodge Interactive operates as an entreprenuerial technology company. Along with our core web design, web development, and small business information technology services, we own and operate several other websites and brands.


Affordable Do-It-Yourself web hosting, and Managed web hosting plans for all types and sizes.



The owner of this company, knows first hand how horrible it can be to manage FTP sites for a large project-based company. With NoMoreFtpSites you get an easy to use FTP replacement. Of course, it has all the features of web-based file sharing including: platform independance, lots of disk storage, easy permissions management, and more.


Fork Express

Fork Express is a revolutionary new way for restaurants to manage their online presence. It's a web-based Sofware as a Service (SaaS) that allows the restauranteur to take complete control of their restaurant website, online marketing, customer relationship management, and more.


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